Fort Lewis Amateur Radio Activity

W2USA meets every Thursday at 7:00 PM in Building 830 on McChord Air Force Base.

From I-5, take Exit 125 and head toward McChord Air Force Base (East on Bridgeport Way SW). For those that do not have Department of Defense stickers, you will need to stop at the Visitors Center at the main gate. If a representative of W2USA is not at the gate, have the SP at the desk call 982-4157, and someone will come to the gate and sign you in. If you do have the appropriate ID and stickers to get on the base, stay in the right hand lane going through the gate. A short distance after entering the gate you will see a road on the right. There are two possibilities once you take that right. A very sharp turn will put you on Ordinance Road. The more gentle right turn will put you on Fairway Road. This is the road you want to take. Follow Fairway Road until you get to the stop sign. Turn right on Lincoln Blvd. Follow it past Whispering Firs Golf Course and continue on until you get close to the housing area. There is a dirt road on the left that leads to the clubhouse.

The map below shows the dirt road leading up to the clubhouse.

Satellite photo of the area (1990)
Click to see a larger picture.

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