1975 Mustang II


Dealing with the weather

- Winter 2006-07

Well, November 2006 turned out to be the wettest month for any month on record. We found that the rock chips were dwn to metal as surface rust started to form. With more wet weather on the way, a quick touch of primer after sanding the rough areas was the answer.

New speakers

- April 28, 2007

The old speakers finally gave out. So a trip to the PX and the purchase of new Pioneer speakers got the old stereo back into working order.

Engine rebuild

- May 1, 2006

The time came to deal with the engine and transmission. It worked out that the van was going to be available for the month of May, so George would have transportation while the car was in the shop. After talking to a lot of folks, Pessemier's Complete Automotive was chosen to perform the work. The original engine was rebuilt as well as the transmission. Everything else under the hood was to have been gone through and repaired or replaced. The radiator was supposed to be replaced, but it was recored instead. The carburetor was supposed to be rebuilt or replaced, but was not touched. Due to a few issues, the car was not ready until June 5th. All in all, it wasn't too bad of an experience, but I would be hesitant to reccomend them to anyone else.






August 31, 2008