1975 Mustang II


Heater core

November 18, 2006 - Well, after a week of rain, Saturday turned out to be a good day. Rain was forcasted for later that evening. A friend came over and checked the status of the AC and found it to be empty - bonus!! So we rounded up a new heater core and got it put in.

This weekend mission: Replace the heater core. The brakes will come later.

The heater/AC unit is out.

Removal of the cowling tower and the top half of the unit.

The AC condenser is the silver finned item on the left and to the right is our little leaky friend - the heater core.

There is a ton of room with the heater/AC box out of the car.

The top core is the old one. Below it is the new one.

Getting it back together again.

And now the reassembly of the dash is next.





November 13, 2006