1975 Mustang II


Heater core and brakes

November 10, 2006 - After trying to find a shop to take care of the sunroof and vinyl top and failing, it was time to take the mobile sauna back home. Along the way, I lost all brakes. So when I pulled into the driveway, we hopped in the truck to see about getting a canopy so we could work on the car out of the rain and wind. We found a tarp and a frame and got back home in time for the kids to head off to play in the band at the football game. It was already dark, but I decided I'd give a try to get the tarp on the frame and was successful. The next day, we all headed over to the American Legion hall and ate a free breakfast offered to veterans and their family. We got back home a little after noon and started on the car.

The weekend mission: Replace the heater core and fix the brakes.

I get our "Redneck Garage" set up in the wind and rain - at night no less. (Nov 10)

A daytime shot of the garage. (Nov 11)

The disassembly begins. The dash pad panel and the panel over the instrument cluster is removed.

The steering column is lowered.

Removing one of the air ducts shows the housing of the culprit we are after.

Removing the instrument cluster, I was amazed how well it looked. The rear of the panel.

The front of the instrument cluster. George Jr is supervising me.

The instrument cluster leaves quite a hole.

Removing the squirrel cage fan reveals another mouse nest with bodies.

The shop vac does wonders. The silver finned item isn't our culprit. The heater core is next to it.

The dash completely removed. There is a lot of room between the drivers seat and the window.


The status of the mission at the end of the weekend: Held up with air conditioning questions, so the heater core housing is still in the car. The AC runs into the housing as well and until I get the freon recovered, I am stuck. As far as the brakes are concerned, I need to rebuild the master cylinder and then bleed the brakes.

With more high wind and rain storms coming, this may be a very interesting week. I just hope the "Garage" makes it!

Update: Roughly 15 minutes after midnight (Sunday night/Monday morning), high winds swept in and the "Garage" had to come down. It took 30 minutes to cut the tarp free, fold it up, and take down the frame and store it all in the real garage. So the project is on hold as more bad weather is on the way. And this month is shaping up to be the wettest month on record. Sheesh, talk about bad timing!!





November 13, 2006