1975 Mustang II


Rear Window Defroster

September 6-7, 2008

After the Forza meet, it was time to deal with the rear window issues. It was a nice, warm (pretty hot, actually) day to get the defrost kit installed. I really like the fact that the switch is next to the heater controls. In the Mustang II that had the factory defrost kit installed, the switch is in the same location.

Remembering the night shot I took of the car a while back, I decided to see what the effect would be with the car being painted. So Sunday night, I headed to the same spot I used before.

Mustangs Northwest Show

- September 28, 2008

George and I headed out on a foggy morning to Lacey to attend our first show together since the car was painted. The Mustang II class was expanded this year to include the early Fox-bodied Mustangs - 74-86. The fog cleared out and became a beautiful day - even though it was still pretty cool in the shade. George took home a third place trophy at this show.






October 17, 2008