1975 Mustang II


Time to get a new top

- August 4, 2008

Brian, from Pyramid, took in the car to get a new top put on. We also have a new headliner to get installed as well. I ordered new roof rail seals and they should be in a couple of days.

- August 11, 2008

Dano - from StangNet - sent me a complete Mustang II emblem for the trunk. I am in the process of trying to polish it up before I get it installed on the car.

- August 13, 2008

The car was ready for pick up. Brian felt bad that the car was not ready for the Pierce County Mustang Club show, so he did a couple of extra touches to the car. He pinstriped the car as well as covered the armrests in the rear passenger area. The new roof rail seals were installed - later I found out that they leak, and Brian was quick to repair that.

Maaco doing it right?

- August 15, 2008

Today is when I found the roof rails leaked. Worse was finding that Maaco used masking tape to install all of the side emblems. I bought the proper clips and reinstalled all of the emblems correctly. Another strike on Maaco.






August 31, 2008