1975 Mustang II


New Paint

- July 26, 2008

The time I really needed my camera and I left it at home! Maaco really let me down. The header panel was not painted in the jam - the yellow paint showed between the hood and the header panel, the front left fender had a lot of dirt in the paint, the rear panel had a real heavy run, and to top it off, the front driving lamps were painted silver! Needless to say, it stayed there. These pictures are from George's cell phone.

- July 31, 2008

The car was "ready for pick up", so we went up to Kent after work. There are still a lot of areas that could have been sanded smooth before the paint was shot, but for now, it will work. I'll not use Maaco again, unless all of the bodywork is done right before it goes in for paint. I do like the blue crystals in the paint. It has some bling when the sun hits it, but has no effect in the shade - and I do like that aspect of the paint.






August 31, 2008