1975 Mustang II



- May 24, 2008

Coming back from Forza, I pulled the Ghia out of the driveway so I could pull the fastback into the garage. While the Ghia was out on the side of the road, the neighbor across the street backed into it. George was not a happy boy.

New rims

- June 1, 2008

Craiglist is becoming a real treasure. While looking for a new fender, I found these rims and today, the owner delivered them. I did a test fit and they fit the lug pattern. George was out of town, and was on his way home when I decided to go ahead and pick them up. The tires were trash, but I picked a couple of tires that I thought would hold air to do a quick photo shoot. The rims are not perfect, as there are some scratches and other rough areas, but man - this does change the look of the car!

Father and son appearances

- June 20-21, 2008

Krispy Kreme on Friday and Forza on Saturday. The spinners that were ordered for the new rims there when we got home on Saturday.






August 31, 2008