1975 Mustang II


The Ghia at its first show

- August 11, 2008

The first layer of primer is in place and it is ready to hit the Pierce County Mustang Club show. We put it in the fixer upper class and it got second place.

Second Coat of Primer

- September 22, 2007

With winter looming in the foreground, I thought it would be a good idea to put a second coat of primer on the car for a bit more protection. I went with a lighter color so that future sanding would show the high / low areas.

Engine air cleaner color

- September 29, 2007

Looking at the air cleaner, I thought the light blue was the wrong color, so I looked at the inside of the cleaner and found it was a darker blue. I painted the outside to match. I thinks it looks a lot better than the light blue.






August 31, 2008