1975 Mustang II


Sunroof / Trunk / 8 track

- July 7, 2007

It was time to see about the sunroof. We took out the headliner - more mouse droppings - and removed the sunroof assembly. We took it apart and attempted to straighten out the cables that open and close the roof. We got it work somewhat, but we really need a new set of cables.

Looking at the 8 track, I saw there was something jammed under the head unit. With a pair of long needle-nosed pliers, I pulled out on old ink pen pocket clip assembly out. We tried one of my old 8 tracks and it worked!

A couple of days later, we worked with the trunk area. I took an old set of fastback side panels and cut them down to fit the sides of the Ghia trunk area. We laid out a new carpet and took a look at the setup. Not bad for a first try at it.

Prop rod

- July 20, 2007

We got a prop rod to replace the missing one from Ken Naylor, a MustangII.net forum member. I went out the next day and finally found a new set of clips (HELP! part number 45396) and got it all put together and installed on the car.






August 31, 2008